Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, who was elected in 2017, announced the Syracuse Surge earlier this year.
Will his $200 million Syracuse Surge actually work?
Google's New York City footprint has now expanded beyond centers like this one to include a newly launched tech learning center.
The tech giant has launched a training center as a part of its educational initiative, Grow with Google, in New York City.
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Co-chairs of the ADS Task Force briefed council members on their work during a NYC Committee on Technology hearing but provided few details about progress made.
Lime is among the companies participating in a Department of Transportation pilot program for dockless e-bikes.
A proposal that would have allowed localities to decide for themselves whether to legalize e-scooters and throttle e-bikes was dropped from the state budget.
It's been two months since Amazon pulled out of its HQ2 deal in Long Island City but New Yorkers are still pining for the tech giant's unlikely return.
 The plan in the Enacted Budget is expected to generate $160 million annually for local governments and $320 million for the MTA’s capital plan lockbox.
A marketplace provider tax made it into New York's $175.5 billion budget.
A broadband cable drum with laying trailer and other rolls with black fiber optic cables for faster Internet in rural regions like Erie County.
Erie County wants $20 million to install 360 miles of proprietary fiber lines so it's 5G capable.
A New York City bus lane.
Will Automated Bus Lane Enforcement pilot cameras make a difference?
The Public Service Commission moved to kick Charter out of New York months ago. That probably won’t happen.
New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.
The newly appointed Public Advocate has given his support to new legislation that hopes to achieve higher voter turnout.