Props inverting Amazon's trademark logo were a mainstay at numerous protests against the company's proposed HQ2 in Queens last year.
A new college poll reveals most New Yorkers were sad to see Amazon abandon its HQ2 plans
Lime is among the companies participating in a Department of Transportation pilot program for dockless e-bikes.
Lime, Jump, and Motivate are attempting to collaborate with government agencies
Hudson Yards.
This new insulated community will be a space for New York’s burgeoning tech scene.
From left: Ben Fried (moderator, chief information officer at Google), Jelena Kovačević (NYU), Gilda Barabino (City College of New York), Mary Cunningham Boyce (Columbia).
ABNY and Google brought women deans together to discuss which engineering programs are and are not working in the city
Lime is one of three companies, along with JUMP and Motivate, taking part in a pilot program offering dockless short-term bike rentals in New York City.
The debate over legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters intensifies
Numina is taking on pedestrian congestion using sensors to map how traffic flows and is impacted by external factors like construction sites.
Getting NYC to adopt urban tech is tricky business
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
The Facebook founder says he has a new “privacy-focused vision” for the tech company.
A Lyft driver picking up passengers.
Lyft filed its initial public offering last week but that doesn't mean its issues with the city are over.
Federal Trade Commission headquarters in Washington, DC
17 attorneys to investigate anti-competitive behavior in the tech sector.
Jumaane Williams during the second televised public advocate debate
The new public advocate has a few tech positions up his sleeve.