New York City yellow cabs.
New York City is working to make more vehicles wheelchair-accessible, but advocates say it’s not enough.
An Uber vehicle.
Wednesday, drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft will participate in a morning strike.
A magnifying glass looking at the census
The industry has joined Democrats in vocal opposition to the Census 2020 question.
New York City yellow cabs.
More taxi drivers and drivers working for app-based ride-hailing companies are suffering from poor mental health.
Josh Mohrer, then Uber's New York manager, led a rally in front of City Hall in 2015 while the council considered a cap on for-hire vehicles.
Uber drove circles around would-be regulators. That doesn’t work anymore.
Yellow and Green Cab drivers protesting last year outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Midtown office against the congestion charge for Manhattan drivers.
The ride-hail app has spent $1 million in its campaign to pass congestion pricing
Jumaane Williams during the second televised public advocate debate
The new public advocate has a few tech positions up his sleeve.
Ubers in New York City.
Uber argues the cap is an overextension of the city's authority.
The view from the back seat of a Lyft going from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
Beyond the extra hassle of litigation, it has created an image problem for Lyft and Juno.
TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi testifies at a NYC Council committee oversight hearing on for-hire vehicles.
The outgoing NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission head discusses her tenure.