Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks Puerto Rico

Jose E. Maldonado
Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a press conference in Puerto Rico.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks Puerto Rico

Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks Puerto Rico
November 2, 2017

Ever since Hurricane Maria hammered Puerto Rico in September, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration have been responding to the devastation, from making trips and providing resources to calling for more attention from the federal government. 

"I am so saddened by the pain of what people are going through, being on that island and seeing the human condition that we've allowed to exist breaks my heart," Cuomo told the New York Slant Podcast after his speech at the fall Somos el Futuro event held in Queens on Nov. 1. "It disappoints me as an American."

In this special edition of the Slant Podcast, Cuomo lays out the next steps for the storm response in Puerto Rico, makes the case that the island is being overlooked, and also weighs in on the lower Manhattan terrorist attack. 

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