Podcast: Race, class, and the "Boy King" Trump

Podcast: Race, class, and the "Boy King" Trump

Podcast: Race, class, and the "Boy King" Trump
November 22, 2016

There are very few political commentators with a comprehensive understanding of how the national discourse around the 2016 presidential election strikes at the intersection of gender, class and race. Fordham University’s Dr. Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science and published author, is a member of that rare club.

Dr. Greer joins this week’s Slant Podcast to help us parse the election result through those lenses. Dr. Greer gives us the clear-headed analysis that many of us have been craving since November 8 - passionately unyielding in her critique of the divisive politics that have taken center stage over the last year.

Dr. Greer debunks the well-worn myth that white women have carried Democratic candidates, explains how she teaches her students about Donald Trump as a political figure, and gives her take on the sobering reality of President-elect Trump’s early cabinet appointments.

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