Could a Donovan, Grimm face-off result in a Dem representative in Staten Island?

Could a Donovan, Grimm face-off result in a Dem representative in Staten Island?

Could a Dan Donovan, Michael Grimm face-off result in a Staten Island Democratic representative
October 16, 2017

Democrats shouldn’t start salivating yet, but the way things are brewing in the Republican pelea for the 11th Congressional District between Rep. Dan Donovan and Michael Grimm – an ex-con, ex-member of Congress and ex-FBI agent – the district could produce a Democratic win. The scenario could have the Conservative Party play a huge role in giving the volatile Grimm a shot, not only in the primary, but also in the general election.

“Regular Republicans are done with Grimm,” opines a bochinchero from Staten Island. Another Republican bochinchero we spoke with doesn’t agree. “The likely scenario is that conservative elements in the GOP know what they’re doing and will guarantee that Grimm is on their line come November 2018.” That would guarantee a three-way race – Donovan and Grimm splitting the Republican vote and the Democrat taking the seat. The buzz as to who that Democratic nominee will be is … Max Rose, an Army veteran and Purple Heart medal recipient. If you’re asking yourself, “Max who?” Maybe it’s time to start paying atención. This is a race to watch and will be chock full of bochinche. Yummy!

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Will they talk to Donald in español about Puerto Rico?

We’re hearing a strong buzz about some members of Congress who are hellbent on making President Donald Trump understand that while he doesn’t care what happens to U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico, they do. Several conversations are going on behind the scenes as to whether members of Congress will travel to the hurricane-ravaged island as one united bloc or make trips with separate delegations.

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus could organize the trip and their members could go first and report back to the other members of Congress,” one insider bochinchero said. “We’re taking the lead from our Puerto Rican colleagues – Nydia Velázquez in particular – to see if the Congressional Black Caucus sends a delegation or they all go on the same trip,” an insider with the CBC shared with B&B. The well-connected bochinchero told us that the idea is just in the early stages. “It’s on the heels of the outrageously insensitive remarks and tweets by Trump.” Maybe the humanitarian crisis puertorriqueños are facing should be explained to Donald in español. Pendientes ...

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Who’s going to take on Keith?

Despite all the chatter and political caca being flung at Keith Wright for the way he conducts business as chairman of the Manhattan Democratic Party, as of now, he has no real challenger for his seat. B&B is not talking about the legitimate concerns from insiders who opine that Wright, as a lobbyist, shouldn’t simultaneously hold his party leadership post. We couldn’t get a single name from multiple bochincheros as to who’s going to challenge the chairmanship of the former assemblyman from Harlem. “They must not feel so confident about their challenge to his alleged conflict of interests by working for Sid (Davidoff)” of lobbying firm Davidoff, Hutcher & Citron, one bochinchero said. A resolution being pushed by some members of the Manhattan Democratic Party that would prohibit party leaders from also holding lobbying jobs will be discussed at its December committee meeting. Order your popcorn for that circus, amigos.

Espaillat gets a free ride … maybe

While I know that Rep. Adriano Espaillat isn’t going to take his guerrero gear off or let his guard down, the buzz among bochincheros is that he’s not getting a primary next year. Well, at least not from a serious or strong contender. Bochincheros close to Keith Wright, the runner-up to Espaillat in 2016, tell me he’s not running. “In (the) absence of a strong challenger, Adriano is getting a pass from the regular Dems,” a bochinchero who’s not an amigo of the rookie congresista told B&B. That’s not to say that a perceived “spoiler” candidate in that district isn’t going to give it another shot. But we haven’t heard anything from Clyde Williams in a while … hmm. 

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