On The Front Lines

On The Front Lines

On The Front Lines: New York lawmakers reflect on transition from military service to public service
July 1, 2014

For many U.S. military veterans, a stint in the armed services is just the first step in serving their country. 

The lessons learned during training or on the battlefield can instill the integrity, poise and sense of duty to excel in a wide range of professions, including— perhaps more than any other career—serving in public office. 

The path from military service to public service is a well-traveled one in New York, where a number of lawmakers in Albany and Washington got their start in the armed forces. 

In addition to having a military record to run on, these veterans came into office with a commitment to collaboration and cooperation, a hard-earned perspective on policy and governance and a dedication to democratic ideals. 

Here’s a look at a few of those veterans who continue to serve their country and state as elected officials. 


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