Duffy: LG Is 'Certainly Not a Figurehead Role'

Duffy: LG Is 'Certainly Not a Figurehead Role'

Duffy: LG Is 'Certainly Not a Figurehead Role'
May 22, 2014

Has outgoing Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy transformed what some see as a largely ceremonial role?

“While it is perceived by some that way, it is certainly not a figurehead role,” Duffy told City & State at the New York State Democratic Convention on Wednesday after his potential successor, former Rep. Kathy Hochul, was announced. “It has been a very strong operational role.”

Duffy said that under Gov. Andrew Cuomo the duties of lieutenant governor were substantial, including oversight of the state’s regional economic development councils, as well as passing along to the governor issues he heard about in his travels around the state.

“While some polls, I think in your publication, ended up rating who has influence, who doesn’t, I laughed out loud because I think there are many people in that poll who couldn’t pick up the phone and get the governor, and one thing I could do for the last four years is if I need him I could have him on the phone.”

Jon Lentz
is City & State’s former editor-in-chief.