Family Supports Trump Run For Gov

Family Supports Trump Run For Gov

Family Supports Trump Run For Gov
February 3, 2014

Donald Trump, who has been flirting with a gubernatorial bid in New York, has yet to decide if he will challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But if the businessman and TV reality show host listens to his family, he may be persuaded to jump into the race.

“We have the privilege of working for him every day, but there is no one better at what he does,” Eric Trump, a vice president at the Trump Organization, told radio talk show host Frank Morano this weekend.

“He gets the business world, he’s a practical guy, he succeeds at everything he puts his mind to. … He’s tough, but he’s fair, he’s a great negotiator, he’s the best businessman I’ve ever seen, and we deal with the top guys all over the world. I think he would be incredible if he decided to move forward.”

So does the family think he will run? According to the younger Trump, “There’s certainly a lot of discussion about it, and it will be his decision to make.”

Jon Lentz
is City & State’s editor-in-chief.