Bratton Says He won't be around for 2nd Term

Bratton Says He won't be around for 2nd Term

Bratton Says He won't be around for 2nd Term
July 23, 2015

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said he will not be sticking around as commissioner for a second term, even if New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is re-elected for another four years.

"I will not be commissioner for six and a half years, that is the reality of it," Bratton said at City & State's exclusive Newsmaker event this morning at the State Grill and Bar. "I would be 75-odd years old by that time. I have set for myself in responding to the mayor's goals, where we need to be over the next several years, and fortunately the resources that are being given are going to allow for accomplishment of those goals." 

Bratton went on to outline those goals, saying, "One, to keep crime at very low levels. At times it will go up, at times it will go down, but there is a level of crime that the city can feel safe and be safe and it won't cause disinvestment or flight out of the city." 

He added, "I think we can address very successfully the racial tensions that have existed in this city and have grown significantly in the country over the past years, around the criminal justice system. I am very comfortable about that because I saw it happen in L.A. while I was there, the same focus." 

Bratton also said that keeping morale in the police force high is a top goal.  

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Michael Gareth Johnson