2014 New York City Council Committee Assignments

2014 New York City Council Committee Assignments

List of 2014 New York City Councilmembers With Committee Assignments (UPDATED)
January 27, 2014

There were major changes afoot in the New York City Council today with the assignment of committee chairmanships and leadership positions by Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. The Speaker elevated Queens Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who bucked the Queens delegation to support Mark-Viverito’s bid for Speaker, to be the new majority leader and chair of the cultural affairs committee.

Additionally, under a new hierarchical structure, the Speaker named seven deputy leaders—one from Manhattan, three from Brooklyn, one from Staten Island and two from the Bronx—all of whom will also be chair committees. The seven deputy leaders are Manhattan’s Dan Garodnick, who challenged Mark-Viverito for the Council’s top job, and will now also serve as economic development chairman; Vinny Gentile of Brooklyn, the Council’s most senior member, who will also be chair of the oversight and investigation committee; Brooklyn’s Jumaane Williams, a leading member of the progressive caucus, who will chair the housing and buildings committee; Brooklyn’s Brad Lander, who was previously announced as chair of the rules, privileges and elections committee; Staten Island’s Debi Rose, who will chair the waterfronts committee; the Bronx’s Jimmy Vacca, who will move over from chair of the transportation committee to helm the technology committee; and the Bronx’s Ritchie Torres, the lone freshman to be named a deputy leader, who will also chair the public housing committee.

The two traditionally most powerful committee assignments, finance and land use, went to Queens’ Julissa Ferreras and Brooklyn’s David Greenfield, respectively. Republican Vincent Ignizio will serve as minority leader, and his fellow Staten Islander Steven Matteo will be the minority whip.

A mere four of the 51 members were denied committee or subcommittee chairmanships or leadership positions, and as such will receive no lulu in addition to their base pay of $112,500. Notably, two members of the Queens delegation that posed the strongest opposition to the election of Speaker Mark-Viverito, Karen Koslowitz and Elizabeth Crowley—whose cousin, Rep. Joe Crowley, the boss of the Queens Democratic party was one of Mark-Viverito’s fiercest adversaries in the leadership fight—received committee chairmanships, while several other Queens members, Mark Weprin, Peter Koo, Costa Constantinides and Ruben Wills, were given subcommittees to head. Veteran Councilwomen Annabel Palma of the Bronx was shut out of the spoils, with Palma making no secret of her opposition to Mark-Viverito’s bid. The other members who left the Council empty-handed today were Manhattan’s Rosie Mendez, the Bronx’s Andy King, and Queens’ Rory Lancman.

A complete listing by borough of the Council leadership assignments and their accompanying lulus is below.





1st             Margaret Chin                           Aging ($8,000)

2nd            Rosie Mendez                             N/A

3rd            Corey Johnson*                           Health ($8,000)

4th            Dan Garodnick                             Deputy Leader / Economic Development ($15,000)

5th            Ben Kallos*                                     Governmental Operations ($8,000)

6th            Helen Rosenthal*                    Contracts ($8,000)

7th            Mark Levine*                            Parks and Recreation ($8,000)

8th            Melissa Mark-Viverito            Speaker ($25,000)

9th            Inez Dickens                              Subcommittee on Planning, Dispositions and Concessions – Land Use ($8,000)

10th          Ydanis Rodriguez                     Transportation ($8,000)



11th            Andrew Cohen*                        Mental Health, Development Disability, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Disability Services ($8,000)

12th            Andy King                                  N/A

13th            Jimmy Vacca                             Deputy Leader / Technology ($15,000)

14th            Fernando Cabrera                    Juvenile Justice ($8,000)

15th            Ritchie Torres*                         Deputy Leader / Public Housing ($15,000)

16th            Vanessa Gibson*                      Public Safety  ($8,000)

17th            Maria del Carmen Arroyo       Community Development ($8,000)

18th            Annabel Palma                         N/A



19th            Paul Vallone*                            Subcommittee on Senior Centers – Aging ($8,000)

20th            Peter Koo                                  Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Siting & Maritime Uses – Land Use ($8,000)

21st             Julissa Ferreras                       Finance ($15,000)

22nd            Costa Constantinides*           Subcommittee on Libraries – Cultural Affairs ($8,000)

23rd            Mark Weprin                            Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises – Land Use ($8,000)

24th            Rory Lancman*                        N/A

25th            Danny Dromm                         Education ($8,000)

26th            Jimmy Van Bramer                 Majority Leader / Cultural Affairs ($20,000)

27th            Daneek Miller*                         Civil Service and Labor ($8,000)

28th            Ruben Wills                               Subcommittee on Drug Abuse – Mental Health ($8,000)

29th            Karen Koslowitz                       State and Federal Legislation ($8,000)

30th            Elizabeth Crowley                    Fire and Criminal Justice Services ($8,000)

31st             Donovan Richards                   Environmental Protection ($8,000)

32nd            Eric Ulrich                                Veterans ($8,000)



33rd            Stephen Levin                        Government Welfare ($8,000)

34th            Antonio Reynoso*                 Sanitation and Solid Waste Management ($8,000)

35th            Laurie Cumbo*                      Women’s Issues ($8,000)

36th            Robert Cornegy*                    Small Business  ($8,000)

37th            Rafael Espinal*                      Consumer Affairs ($8,000)

38th            Carlos Menchaca*                 Immigration ($8,000)

39th             Brad Lander                           Deputy Leader for Policy / Rules, Privileges and Elections ($15,000)

40th            Mathieu Eugene                     Youth Services ($8,000)

41st             Darlene Mealy                        Civil Rights ($8,000)

42nd             Inez Barron*                          Higher Education ($8,000)

43rd             Vinny Gentile                         Deputy Leader / Oversight and Investigation ($15,000)

44th            David Greenfield                      Land Use ($15,000)

45th            Jumaane Williams                  Deputy Leader / Housing and Buildings ($15,000)

46th            Alan Maisel*                             Standards and Ethics  ($8,000)

47th            Mark Treyger*                          Recovery and Resiliency ($8,000)

48th           Chaim Deutsch*                       Subcommittee on Non-Public Schools – Education ($8000)



49th             Debi Rose                                  Deputy Leader / Waterfronts ($15,000)

50th             Steven Matteo*                        Minority Whip ($5,000)

51st             Vincent Ignizio                        Minority Leader ($15,000)


* indicates new member

Additional reporting by Nick Powell


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