New York City's Top 10 Lobbyists of 2016

New York City's Top 10 Lobbyists of 2016

New York City's Top 10 Lobbyists of 2016
April 25, 2016

City Hall, New York City

Lobbying is a big business, and it’s only getting bigger.

In New York City last year, lobbyists raked in $86 million. That’s up from $72 million the year before and about $62 million in 2013. If the trend continues, the total amount spent on lobbying in the city could soon exceed $100 million.

This growth has rewarded many of the city’s top lobbying firms, who have seen compensation from powerful clients – real estate firms, corporations, trade groups, unions and advocacy groups – rise substantially.

How did these top performers get where they are? In interviews with City & State, leaders of the city’s most prominent firms cited their strong teams, their many years of experience, and plain old hard work.

But in a time when lobbying is often looked at with a critical eye, one explanation stood out: It’s less about the relationships lobbyists have with key officials and more about the in-depth knowledge that clients rely on to navigate an increasingly complex city bureaucracy.

For other insights from – and about – the city’s top 10 lobbyists, read on.

Note: Rankings are determined by total compensation.

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