Start Up New York

Start Up New York

Start Up New York
October 21, 2014

Western New York needs all of the State economic development money it can get.

Nevertheless, our State Legislators and Andrew Cuomo refuse to apply, for the benefit of the people of Western New York (WNY,) hundreds of millions of dollars generated by the retail sale of Niagara Power Project power which was allocated for Western New York (WNY) economic development but unused, sold at retail and converted to cash.

Over the last 50 years Albany has illegally converted billions of dollars of such New York State Power Authority (NYSPA) escrow funds into the State’s General Fund to balance its budgets. Those monies could have at least been used to eliminate local debt and thereby reduce property taxes creating an atmosphere accepting to development. Our local legislative delegation, Republican and Democrat, has been too lame, lazy and complicit to understand the significance, let alone confront the “three men in the room cabal” on the issue.

Since he was elected, Andrew Cuomo has illegally swept over $1 billion of WNY escrowed funds to the State treasury. He owes WNY big-time. Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billion” is merely an attempt to mollify the inequity with smoke and mirrors.

For three years Cuomo did nothing, but now that it is election time, he has suddenly found WNY and is smothering us with the political illusion that his Start Up New York and other farcical subsidy programs are creating an atmosphere which will result in economic development and jobs. Cuomo and his people are great at deception. They deny truth and transparency, instead giving us a mountain of political rhetoric while they quietly trump up numbers and issue no bid contracts to Cuomo’s friends and family club.

At River-bend in Buffalo, Cuomo is subsidizing a solar panel company under Federal investigation with $750 million of taxpayer money to “buy” 1500 jobs ($500,000 per job.) The key word is “buy.” Subsidies do not create a permanent atmosphere for job creation. They only cause an unleveled playing field which frustrates development, burdens taxpayers and adds to a dysfunctional business atmosphere that forces companies like Tyson Foods to send 300 jobs out the back door.

Texas has no income tax. They don’t buy jobs. Businesses move to Texas without subsidy because Texas has a government that serves the people. Instead of commending them as an illustration of good government our small minded press criticizes them for stealing our businesses.

Permanent job retention and development will only be achieved by cutting taxes and debilitating regulation. We need culture change in Albany. Buying jobs in an election year to create an illusion of investment in WNY is just more sick politics.

Cuomo has prohibited Hydrolic-Fracking upstate which would have resulted in thousands of good paying private sector jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue to State and local governments which, in turn, could have been used to lower taxes and create a lasting atmosphere for job creation and economic development. Out of 37 States that can Hydro-Frack, 36 do. Who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

How sick is it that one powerful, arrogant and vain man will selfishly deprive millions of people of an economic opportunity solely to advance himself politically.

Buffalo is the third poorest City in America with the highest tax rates and unbearable bureaucratic regulation. We are losing our youth in droves.

Is there any doubt that after the election Cuomo will again forget about Upstate and Long Island?

While Cuomo fiddles Upstate New York circles the drain.

Carl Paladino