State of the Union emphasizes immigration, infrastructure

Donald Trump State of the Union
Donald Trump State of the Union
Shealah Craighead/Official White House photo
President Donald Trump at his 2018 State of the Union.

State of the Union emphasizes immigration, infrastructure

Trump's address dealt with key issues that will have an impact in New York.
January 30, 2018

Although the focus of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address was largely national, his remarks on infrastructure and immigration will have ramifications in New York.

Trump called on Congress to pass a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan based on partnerships with state and local governments, in contrast to his position on the Gateway program.

Although the Obama administration made the trans-Hudson rail tunnel a priority, the Trump administration backed away from covering half of the project, and dismissed a funding plan by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

On immigration, Trump also proposed a path to citizenship for immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, but tied it to building a “great wall” and increased border security. Trump invited the parents of two Long Island girls killed by MS-13 – and led the room in giving the parents a standing ovation – to highlight efforts to eradicate the gang. Trump also proposed ending “chain migration,” a politically loaded term for allowing non-immediate family members of immigrants to enter the country.

Trump said the perpetrators of two recent terrorist attacks in New York City benefited from the program, which is a questionable assertion. Often, New York lawmakers seemed skeptical of the president’s remarks.

Grace Segers
is City & State’s digital reporter. She writes daily content on New York City and New York state politics.