This week's biggest Winners and Losers

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This week's biggest Winners and Losers

Who's up and who's down this week?
May 20, 2021

New York is a land of possibility, where you can always get ahead with a little elbow grease and nepotism. Former New York City First Son Andrew Giuliani is banking on it as he seeks the Republican nomination for governor. The younger Giuliani may be basking in the press coverage, but some are taking his political aspirations about as seriously as they did when he tried to upstage his father’s mayoral swearing-in at 7-years-old. Keep reading for the other New Yorkers riding high and low this week, including a few other political kids who are benefitting from their family name.

Rich Maroko 

The Hotel Trades Council, led by Rich Maroko, almost single-handedly bankrolled Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign. But setting aside your pride and endorsing has paid dividends – like the de facto ban on non-union hotels. And now, de Blasio’s cutting the 6% hotel occupancy tax for the summer, hoping to drive more tourists to hotels, and more work for Maroko’s members. Open up the mini-fridge, we’re celebrating with a $12 sparkling water tonight.

Donna DeCarolis

Two years after setting legally binding emission goals, state lawmakers were trying to pass legislation to create funding and incentives to reach those goals. Included is a controversial carbon tax charged to industrial polluters. Enter Donna DeCarolis, chair of the Business Council of New York State and president of the National Fuel Gas Corporation. A staunch opponent of the bill, DeCarolis successfully sold a bogus 55 cent increase at the gas pump to kill the legislation this year. The information may have been misleading, but the impact was very real.

Cara Kennedy-Cuomo, Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo, and Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo

Congratulations to Cara, Mariah, and Michaela on getting to split $1M of their father’s latest book deal, which is definitely not blood money. Before you start feeling too jealous, remember that in the words of the governor himself, each of these women did “tireless and effective work for all New Yorkers” during the pandemic. Phew, it’s good to know that nepotism didn’t play a part here! When should everyone else who volunteered for the state be expecting their deposits of $333,333.33? 

Lovely Warren / Timothy Granison

The husband of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, Timothy Granison, was taken into custody amid a criminal investigation after their home was investigated by state troopers. No other information is currently available on what Granison was being investigated for. Warren has yet to comment on the situation, which has only added to the growing list of scandals she’s become involved in. The mayor is currently facing scrutiny for campaign finance charges and her handling of Daniel Prude’s death in 2020.

Brian Downey

The roots of the New York City Pride parade and LGBTQ civil rights movement stem from the 1969 uprising in front of the Stonewall Inn, in response to a police raid. Organizers of the annual Pride celebration are saying that history – and concerns from transgender, Black and Latino LGBTQ people – mean police involvement should be scaled back. Officers, including members of the Gay Officers Action League that Downey represents, are now barred from joining the march until 2025. The group representing LGBTQ officers expressed outrage, especially since police will still have some presence at Pride for security. It’s a testament to the influence of this year’s racial justice protests, as organizers of the Pride celebration have long-resisted calls from LGBTQ activists that say law enforcement and corporate sponsors have no place in the event.

John Katko

The Central New York rep found himself in one heck of an awkward position after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threw him under the bus for getting cold feet about supporting a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. It was the California Republican after all who designated Katko to take the lead after all in negotiations — it’s almost like McCarthyism isn’t about investigating traitors all of a sudden! 

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