Tech in New York

November 07, 2018  
NYIT Auditorium on Broadway
9:00AM - 12:15PM
Harnessing Innovation and Information
Event Description

City & State and digital leaders will converge to chart the course of government tech, connected citizens, digital policy and the future of our city and state. The half-day event will offer technology executives, public sector leaders and academics the opportunity to share ideas about cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, challenges with processes, privacy and security and how technology changes many facets of government. 


Registration & Networking Breakfast


Opening Keynote Jeremy Goldberg, Deputy CTO and Managing Director, NYCx, City of New York


Special Presentation on the Benefits of Transparency for New York City & State by Silvina Moschini, Co-founder & President, TransparentBusiness

One contractor recently overbilled New York City over five hundred million dollars on a single project by inflating billable hours. Transparent verification of billable hours would protect the city and the state from such overbilling, saving taxpayers billions of dollars at zero cost. Silvina Moschini will discuss this and other benefits of transparency for the city, the state and NY-based businesses.


    Connecting New York through Collaborative Innovations and New Business Models

    We speak to those responsible for driving technological collaboration among governments, partner companies, strategic suppliers, and universities to create game-changing innovations that effect NY’s communities. From net neutrality to the future of transportation and promoting tech literacy, New York lawmakers face a lot of important decisions in the coming years.  How do New York officials send the message that they are open to technology, while balancing the needs of the employers and employees whose industries are being disrupted?


    • Andrew Rasiej, Founder and CEO, Civic Hall (moderator)
    • Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, Partnering with NYC CTO on NYCx Co-Labs Tech Program
    • Tayyab Walker, Director, Enterprise Data Solutions, Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity)
    • Rodney Stiles, Assistant Commissioner for Data & Technology, NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

      Introduction by Rodney Capel, VP for State Government Affairs, Charter Communications


      Privacy, Security, and Regulation: Shaping New Policy in Today’s IT World

      Our personal and professional lives are increasingly taking place in the digital space, and with this comes risk to the data and information we store electronically and online. We convene a panel of experts and government officials to discuss how this risk is being combated. How can government and business work together to ensure the safety and privacy of information? How can legislation and government policy help the industry to plan for future risks and breaches?

      • Adam Balkin, Senior Producer, CBS News - Newspath (moderator)
      • Richard T. Jacobs, Assistant Special Agent In-Charge, Cyber Branch, FBI
      • Cordell Schachter, Chief Technology Officer, NYC Department of Transportation
      • Tariq Habib, Chief Information Security Officer, New York Metropolitan. Transportation Authority

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