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On the first cold day of the season, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new boilers have been installed in 12 public housing developments, with the city spending $13 million a year on outside contractors even as multiple buildings already have heating failures.
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De Blasio insisted that he didn’t cherry-pick data when he claimed only four kids in public housing tested positive for elevated blood lead levels – when the number was really more than 200 – because of confusion over which kids should be counted.
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A man the police believe is a member of the Proud Boys, a far-right group that clashed with protesters in a brawl last week in Manhattan, was arrested and charged with rioting and attempted assault.
Federal safety investigators have been unable to conduct a full examination of the limousine involved in a crash that killed 20 people upstate because local prosecutors are probing it as part of their case against the limo company’s operator.
Both de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo got a chilly reception at a midtown Manhattan charity dinner Thursday night, as both were greeted with boos and scattered clapping while being announced, though their lack of interaction at the event was even colder.
New York City Department of Education personnel visited one of the city’s top academic districts to sell their plan to change the specialized high school admissions process, but an irate crowd of mostly Asian-American parents would have none of it.
Rep. Pete King and Democratic challenger Liuba Grechen Shirley sparred on divisive political and social issues in their first televised debate, with Grechen Shirley touting herself as an economic development expert and King highlighting his bipartisan record.
In an effort to decrease the amount of sugar in the food supply and stem a rise in obesity, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will roll out a new effort to push companies to significantly cut the sugar in packaged foods and drinks by 2025.
Just hours after headlines announced next week’s Elma campaign rally in Western New York featuring Steve Bannon, opposition began mounting to any local appearance by the nationalist standard-bearer and former aide to President Donald Trump.
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De Blasio’s DemocracyNYC office just screwed up so badly that it has puzzled the state Board of Elections, and it’s impressive that his administration can be as disruptive as Russian hackers trying to mess with U.S. elections.
With two and a half weeks until Election Day, New Yorkers are again victimized by the quadrennial kabuki debate dance as Cuomo avoids debating his Republican challenger Marc Molinaro, and from the voter’s perspective, it’s unacceptable.
Across the country, states are using rigid voting requirements to reduce Election Day turnout, which is all the more reason that New York’s attorney general should join any effort that emerges to push back against voter suppression tactics.
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President Donald Trump said he believes that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, and he expressed confidence in intelligence reports from multiple sources that strongly suggest a high-level Saudi role in Khashoggi’s assassination.
Trump is now seriously considering Richard Grenell, the controversial U.S. ambassador to Germany, to replace Nikki Haley at the United Nations, according to three people familiar with the matter.