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Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to announce Sunday that he’s directing state health officials to issue a regulation requiring all New York hospitals to update their patient rights statements to prohibit discrimination against transgender people.
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State Senate Republicans introduced legislation that would extend New York City’s speed camera program for six months and authorize the installation of traffic lights and stop signs to more than 1,000 school zones.
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New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson has endorsed Cuomo for re-election, saying he has made New York “the progressive beacon for the nation” by passing gay marriage, guaranteeing transgender people access to health care and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity.
Convicted felon and former Rep. Michael Grimm goes into Tuesday’s GOP congressional primary owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to creditors – including his mom – and other federal candidates also need to pay back vast sums to lawyers, banks and creditors.
Undocumented immigrant parents facing possible deportation from New York would be able to choose a guardian to care for their kids under a bill that won final approval in the state Legislature last week and now awaits Cuomo’s signature.
The Long Island Rail Road’s long-anticipated venture to build a third track for its Main Line in Nassau County begins late this year with 10 major construction projects that will initiate the transformation of the busiest stretch of the nation’s busiest commuter railroad.
Cannabis experts expect legalized marijuana to come to New York soon, because as neighboring states approve legalization, tax-hungry New York lawmakers will want the revenue that comes from legalized pot.
Around 400 FDNY candidates who took the latest civil service exam to join the department boosted their scores by claiming a parent or sibling died in the line of duty, but many of those claims were false.
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Cynthia Nixon, who is running for governor fueled largely by her credentials as an LGBTQ activist, will likely be front and center at Sunday’s gay pride celebration on Manhattan’s West Side, but many are wondering where is Nixon’s wife, Christine Marinoni.
Depending on whether and when he wants to earn some more left-wing cred at the expense of working stiffs, Cuomo is likely to upend New York’s restaurant industry by killing tips, but if Cuomo really wants to help servers, he’ll keep his hands off their tips.
The state Legislature’s 2018 session limped to its conclusion last week, with precious little to show for it, which, in an election year, is a funny way to persuade voters that you deserve another term.
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