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After Rep. Chris Collins blasted his Democratic opponent Nathan McMurray for living outside the 27th congressional district, McMurray allies accused Collins of hypocrisy for making a similar run for Congress 20 years ago when Collins unsuccessfully ran for a seat outside his home district.
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to host a fundraiser in New York City next month for Randy “IronStache” Bryce, the Wisconsin Democrat running against House Speaker Paul Ryan, co-hosted by the Working Families Party at the Retail Wholesale and Department Storeworkers’ Union offices.
Mayor de Blasio pitched Albany lawmakers on Saturday, seeking to rally support for his “DemocracyNYC” agenda, including calls for the enactment of early voting and same-day registration across the state, proposals meeting resistance in the state senate.
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The city spent more than $1 billion to settle claims and lawsuits in fiscal year 2017, with the biggest payouts going to “Black Sunday” firefighters and their families, men wrongfully convicted, and people hurt by cops, with a 6 percent rise in personal injury claims.
Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal routinely calls Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer “the hag,” according to emails, while former Rosenthal staffers called the animosity “petty” and stemming from jealousy that “still burns with a passion of a thousand suns."
New York City spends about $1.8 billion to shelter 77,0000 homeless families, a step-by-step look at the process through the eyes of several families over the final months of last year shows desperation and embarrassment that can turn to joy, if families can find their way out.
As New York seeks to join a growing wave of cities latching onto ride-hailing services’ success as a source of revenue, a surcharge on ride-hailing and taxi trips could become a central piece of an ambitious congestion pricing plan.
A coalition of history buffs led by National Parks Conservation Association and The Pew Charitable Trusts, highlighted the nearly $1 billion in deferred maintenance at sites across the state to call attention to the dire maintenance backlog at National Park Service.
A new Erie county ethics law would be among the toughest around, according to local lawmakers, but there were enough questions about the proposal that lawmakers offered a bunch of loophole-closing amendments last week.
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Kudos to City Councilman Paul Vallone for refusing to let Mayor de Blasio get away with his unprecedented gift of taxpayer dollars to reward a single school-bus company — a firm run by a big donor and repped by Democratic fixer Harold Ickes,
Beware of pols hawking “value-capture financing” as a magical way to fund new subways, bridges and so on, as politicians are suggesting this is a painless way to raise cash for infrastructure, but it’s just one tool, not a cure-all.
U.S. Census Bureau survey results from 2017 show a city well on the mend from what seem like never-ending housing maladies, with a net gain of 69,000 new homes, apartment buildings in better condition than ever and the bite rents take out of incomes no bigger than before.
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