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The Long Island Rail Road in January posted its worst on-time performance since January 1996, with 83.9 percent of trains arriving as scheduled, less than five months after MTA head Joseph Lhota promised that improved service reliability would be the “new normal."
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The New York State Democratic Party called for an independent investigation of a sexual misconduct claim leveled against Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein, with backing for the resolution coming from party vice chair Christine Quinn, a close ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
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A day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he may declare a state of emergency at NYCHA, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Cuomo is all talk when it comes to supporting residents of the city’s public housing system, adding “we don’t see real resources."
An energy company that allegedly bribed former Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco by hiring the aide’s wife sought to mask her involvement with the company by omitting her name and image from promotional material, a company consultant testified in the ongoing corruption trial.
Long-awaited vetting documents for Percoco were released by defense lawyers that show he identified himself as a "campaign mgr" to the governor, disproving the governor's assertion that Percoco was merely a "consultant" to his campaign.
After Cuomo submitted his tax plan on Thursday, Sen. Catharine Young, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said it's possible that the Legislature and Cuomo can agree on a payroll tax plan by April 1, but there is a long way to go.
Several schools in Brooklyn and Queens received copycat threats from young students in the wake of the deadly Florida shooting that claimed 17 lives, among them, a 14 year old arrested after he said he planned to “shoot up the school."
In New York state, outside New York City, the law allows 16 year olds with a hunting license to privately buy rifles with a $10 background check, a measure that may not reveal much at that age, according to gun control advocates.
Outspoken child sex abuse survivor Gary Greenberg has purchased a digital ad urging the public to pressure state leaders into passing a law making it easier for victims to seek justice as adults, aiming to have the Child Victims Act pass as part of the state budget next month.
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The New York Post has a long history of calling for strict gun laws, starting in 1980, and in the 1990s it wholeheartedly endorsed the aggressive, proactive policing policies of Mayor Rudy Giuliani which also got illegal guns off the street and we believe there’s still a place for that.
National Rifle Association-programmed automatons in the U.S. Congress refuse even to contemplate the one obvious way to make those spree killings harder to perpetrate: banning the military-grade weapons all these murderers and many others wielded.
The unprecedented indictments unveiled by special counsel Robert Mueller remove any doubt that Russia is determined to destabilize our democracy, starting with an “information warfare” attack in 2014 that led to aggressive interference in the 2016 presidential election.
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