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* Using money from a settlement she received after being sexually abused by a teacher at Troy’s Emma Willard School, a woman bought a month’s worth of ad space on three digital billboards to call attention to the case, saying the abuser faced no punishment.
Eight priests from the Diocese of Buffalo accused of sexually abusing children live within a short walk of area elementary and middle schools, according to a search of public records.
Cuomo’s preliminary budget allocates $300 million less for the New York City Department of Education than was expected, according to a new report, and Cuomo wants to cut funding for charter school lease compensation by $86 million.
Defense lawyers for former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano might call de Blasio to the witness stand to have him repeat to a jury the attacks he has made on the credibility of resterauter Harendra Singh, who pleaded guilty to bribery.
New York City wants elected and community officials to speak up about potential locations for new homeless shelters in their neighborhoods as it enters the second year of its effort to build 90 citywide.
Traffic fatalities fell 7 percent in New York City last year, according to a report released by Mayor Bill de Blasio, with pedestrian deaths last year dropping from 148 to 101, but driver, cyclist and motorcycle fatalities each rose.
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Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon claimed to get more small donations in a day than Gov. Andrew Cuomo has in seven years, but in New York elections, the candidate who raises the most from small donors almost always loses.
A report from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer found that subway ridership in the early morning and late at night has risen significantly, but the subway has not kept pace, with the number of trains actually decreasing during some off-peak hours.
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Thousands of New Yorkers are expected to take up the call to action from the survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, at the March for Our Lives event in Manhattan this morning on the Upper West Side.
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Heroic firefighter Michael Davidson gave his life Thursday night while responding to a fire at the set of a movie in Harlem – yet another devastating reminder that first responders truly risk it all to protect this city, the Post writes.
The first in a series appealing to Assembly members to back congestion pricing as a way to turn around the subways, the Daily News writes that Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz should join his Bronx colleagues in supporting the plan, instead of backing the needs of a few drivers.
Harendra Singh’s colorful testimony in a Long Island corruption trial makes it all the more amazing that de Blasio and his associates escaped prosecution in their own pay-to-play scandals, so maybe new U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman should take a look at the case, the Post writes.
The youth movement to awaken a slumbering nation is making a difference, since President Donald Trump, despite receiving money from the National Rifle Association, signed a spending bill Friday that actually does some good on guns, the Daily News writes.
When students finish marching on the Mall, they should march into congressional districts where they can actually make a difference, replacing incumbents who supports the gun lobby with challengers who won’t, former Rep. Steve Israel writes in the Times.
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