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For at least two decades, almost every time a child in its apartments tested positive for high lead levels, NYCHA launched a counteroffensive, challenging 95 percent of orders from the New York City Health Department to remove lead paint.
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Three years after New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer called for full disclosure on spending, NYCHA remains one of the few city agencies that’s not part of the Checkbook program that allows the public to see how every dime is spent.
New York City inmates didn’t get to 12,105 scheduled medical visits in September – 25 percent of scheduled appointments – so the City Council is introducing legislation to record each visit and give the reason why it was missed.
Before Amazon announced the placement of one of its next satellite “headquarters” in Queens, the company donated money to New York lawmakers, including $8,000 to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and $1,000 to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.
A leading critic of the deal to bring Amazon to New York City, state Sen. Michael Gianaris, will introduce legislation to bar the state from entering into future confidentiality agreements with private companies.
New York City Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, City Hall’s point person on Amazon, described the deal as incredible bargain for the city that will provide thousands of high-paying jobs otherwise been unavailable to New Yorkers.
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Republicans in the state Senate, their ranks reduced by almost a third after electoral losses, say their focus will shift to speaking out against Democratic priorities teed up for consideration, like property taxes and charter schools.
Despite a booming economy, 80 percent of New York City food pantries and soup kitchens across the city say they have seen “elevated traffic” over the past five years, primarily due to steep federal cuts in 2013 to the food stamp program.
New York City public advocate candidate Jumaane Williams has given more than $65,000 in discretionary funds since 2011 to a nonprofit organization where his friend, business partner and former employee Kristofer Bain works.
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Jeremy Reichberg, a donor to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio accused of bribing cops, falsified information on his 2014 gun-permit application, but got it OK’d anyway because he had high-powered friends at the NYPD.
The federal Government Accountability Office will investigate how the privately-owned New York American Water on Long Island has been using federal funds, after it was revealed employees looked to intentionally deceive regulators.
Anti-Airbnb forces from around the world are set to meet at the Reformbnb conference to discuss ways to better regulate home-sharing websites – the latest escalation by the hotel industry and affordable housing activists against the home sharing site.
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Progressives can be proud of the Amazon deal since 25,000 new jobs are coming to Queens, the world's most diverse place, many tech jobs are an open door for students coming out of our high schools, and it’s a path to the new middle class, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio writes.
If state lawmakers receive a raise, the lulus should go, and there must be a phased-in ban on outside employment and a timeline should be set for meaningful campaign finance reforms like lowering contribution limits.
Better late than never that Team de Blasio is looking at drastic medicine to turn the New York City Housing Authority around, like turning over some projects to private management and allowing developers to built on unused land.
Freezing subway fares is politically attractive, but it was one of the subway's oldest pitfalls and has caused immense damage, so the the fare must rise next year, since the MTA is in dire straits.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s contract with its biggest union, the Transport Workers, is up next spring, and the MTA is budgeting for 2 percent annual wage increases – but why not a wage freeze, if it’s truly a crisis? Nicole Gelinas writes.
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