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February 09, 2019
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A horse-carriage driver fighting the mayor’s plans to corral the animals inside Central Park took an odd tack in court Friday – calling as a witness a Cheyenne Nation chief in full Native American regalia.
A federal judge this week found the city of Buffalo is in compliance with a 40-year-old order to change its hiring practices and desegregate its fire department and agreed to dissolve the 1979 order.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to spend an additional $40 million for pedestrian bridges and a medical research center at the Nassau Hub, giving momentum to the latest redevelopment plan for the parking lots that surround the Coliseum.
Negotiations to create a fund to compensate women who accused Harvey Weinstein of unwanted sexual conduct reached an impasse when lawyers representing alleged victims of the former Hollywood producer withdrew from the talks.
Assemblyman Marcos Crespo of the Bronx will co-chair historic sexual harassment hearings scheduled to be held in Albany next week, despite a socially conservative voting record that has caught the attention of some critics.
Bronx City Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr. said he faced rejection when he joined the City Council because “over there, everybody is controlled by the homosexual community,” and Council Speaker Corey Johnson demanded an apology for the “homophobic comments.”
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For the last five years, a bill to create a pied-à-terre tax has languished in the state Legislature, where proposals for new taxes often go to die – but the legislation is getting another look this year under more favorable conditions.
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Tensions over Amazon’s HQ2 spilled into public view when a Washington Post article said the company was reconsidering its plans to come to Queens, but two knowledgeable sources said Amazon had no plans to back out.
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New York's nonprofit workers don't need a special commission or a constitutional amendment – they need Cuomo to give them a statutory pay raise in the state budget, Michelle Jackson of the Human Services Council of New York writes.
NYPD officers are willing to knock on doors to take New Yorkers’ DNA, whether by “consent” or at the precinct by offering people a cigarette or drink to collect their spit. And this law enforcement sweep is happening mainly to New Yorkers of color, a Legal Aid Society lawyer writes.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got it about right this week when she offhandedly spoke of the “green dream” to refer to the hopelessly overhyped Green New Deal championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
A traffic congestion pricing plan is the best way to pay for the bulk of urgently needed fixes for New York City’s decrepit subway system, but most of the revenue needs to be earmarked for its upkeep and repair.
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