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April 16, 2018
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U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer warned the federal government is threatening to nix bomb-sniffing dogs that patrol New York City airports and train stations as a cost-cutting measure, potentially risking the lives of millions of New Yorkers.
The lack of meaningful immigration reform was the focus of a bipartisan community event on Long Island headlined by Reps. Pete King and Thomas Suozzi, which included the need to extend protections for immigrants under federal programs.
The state Senate has been ordered to reveal its published rules for taxpayer-funded mailers within a 30-day period, according to an Albany County Supreme Court decision in favor of Blake Morris, a lawyer and state Senate candidate.
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who typically has stayed out of state Senate politics, is prepared to try and help flip that chamber to Democratic control out of frustration with the GOP-controlled state Senate blocking progressive policies.
While state Democratic infighting continues, it’s looking like the Republican and Conservative parties will head into the governor’s race unified behind Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro.
Cuomo also plans to turn up the heat on Felder by unveiling an agenda after the special elections that he hopes will pressure him to return to the Democratic fold.
Cuomo has personally appealed to state Sen. Simcha Felder, a conservative Democrat who caucuses with Republicans, to reunite with the Democrats so the party can retake the state Senate majority, but Felder won’t decide until after the April 24 special elections.
Leaders of the Working Families Party and their affiliates could pay a hefty price for shunning Cuomo in favor of rival Nixon because advocacy groups tied to the WFP have received millions in state funding and financial support from labor unions.
Some New York progressive leaders hoping U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders might help Cynthia Nixon in her Democratic primary campaign against Gov. Andrew Cuomo are likely to be disappointed, since Sanders does not plan to get involved in the race.
New York City subway officials believe recent problems with newer signal equipment on the F line stem from what is known as an interlocking, the mechanism that controls train movement where multiple tracks come together, and they are investigating to determine what went wrong.
A company that Rep. Carolyn Maloney and her siblings owned was once found to have discriminated against children over age 5 at its Virginia Beach property, according to court records.
The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said that more than 367,000 online letters were sent to the state Board of Parole following its recent decision to release Herman Bell.
The decision by leaders of the small but influential state Conservative Party to support Molinaro for governor is not causing Republican gubernatorial candidate John DeFrancisco to consider dropping out of the race.
Leaders of the state Conservative Party decided to back Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro as he seeks the GOP gubernatorial nomination.
The seven-year run of the state Senate Independent Democratic Conference officially ended Monday, after it folded into the Democratic conference at the first state Senate session after an agreement earlier this month to disband.
The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association demanded that the NYPD take legal action to block BuzzFeed News from releasing a database of secret disciplinary records that the news site published Monday morning.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that transgender inmates will now be housed with the gender that they identify with to ensure that the city Department of Correction provides appropriate housing to inmates.
Weekend efforts to coax Democrat Nathan McMurray out of his congressional race in favor of Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul have apparently failed, with McMurray saying he’s staying in the race against Rep. Chris Collins and a spokeswoman for Hochul saying she is not running.
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A senior adviser to U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders shot back at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for saying the two political leaders are in “lockstep,” calling the assertion “Grade A 100% bullshit."
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Cuomo is missing endorsements from also 133 Democratic members of the state Legislature, who have remained curiously quiet on the gubernatorial race, Heather Stewart and Lisa DellAquila write.
New York’s largest teachers union says the state has some explaining to do about how public school students are measured on state tests, but the truth is obvious, and it’s the union that is wrong.
Just two weeks into his new job as New York City’s schools chancellor, Richard Carranza has already discovered the truth about de Blasio’s Renewal School program: It’s a sham.
A failure to follow through on commitments is simply unforgivable when the stakes are life and death, as is the case with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s failed promise to make naloxone available at drug stores to combat the opioid epidemic.
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National Politics
Trump’s campaign operation surged to $20 million during the first three months of the year, new campaign finance filings show, in the wake of Republicans’ December victory in passing sweeping tax reform legislation.
Trump asked a federal judge to allow him to review documents that FBI agents seized from the office of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen before criminal investigators have a chance to see the material.
Former FBI Director James Comey called Trump a serial liar who treated women like “meat,” described him as a “stain” on everyone who worked for him and someone who is “morally unfit to be president."
President Donald Trump put the brakes on a preliminary plan to impose additional economic sanctions on Russia, walking back a Sunday announcement by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley that the Kremlin had swiftly denounced.
California has rejected the federal government’s initial plans to station National Guard troops along the U.S. southern border with Mexico because the work is considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement.
It was revealed that President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News host Sean Hannity after a Manhattan federal court judge ruled that the identity of Cohen’s mystery third client must be disclosed.
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The main reason Nixon decided to run was to fight back against the agenda of President Donald Trump, adding that she sees Cuomo as the Trump in her own backyard.
De Blasio has told New York City schools Chancellor Richard Carranza to take the city’s school system “to the next level,” and to Carranza that means taking the mayor’s big picture education policies and actually making them work.
BuzzFeed News has made public one of the NYPD’s most fiercely guarded secrets: a database of disciplinary findings for about 1,800 NYPD employees who faced departmental misconduct charges between 2011 and 2015.
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