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The war of words between New York City’s police unions and New York City Police Department brass continued with Chief of Department Terence Monahan panning “bad advice” being given out by the unions, who derided him as “out of touch.”
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Many NYPD rank-and-file officers also said that Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who a department judge found guilty earlier this month of placing Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold, had been a convenient scapegoat for police brass.
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The New York City Housing Authority admits it currently doesn’t have the ability to properly inspect tens of thousands of apartments for lead paint, or rid homes of the toxic metal.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is holding on to his White House dream even as other Democrats at the back of the pack quit because he believes Facebook, Twitter and the like can turn his campaign around.
De Blasio said that New York City will no longer make burial records public that include the names of women who had stillbirths, miscarriages and possibly abortions, a practice that has raised alarms among medical privacy experts.
Employed residents who stay in New York City homeless shelters will soon be required to put a third of their income in a savings account they can only access once they find permanent housing as part of a deal that exempts the city from charging them rent.
Both levels of the George Washington Bridge were temporarily closed to traffic after a suspicious package was discovered on the span connecting New York and New Jersey.
New York’s red flag law goes into effect Saturday, making it the 17th state to pass the gun control measure that prevents people who show signs of being at risk to themselves or others from purchasing or owning a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
State regulators will soon be empowered to suspend the board members and executive staff of local authorities that fail to comply with reporting requirements in a new law signed by Cuomo.
Republican Erie County Board of Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr said he is not asking for a state audit or investigation into tens of thousands of dollars in previously misreported campaign funds by the local Democratic Party.
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Today marks the 100th day of de Blasio’s run for the Democratic nomination for president, and he’s going nowhere fast as the city he runs has myriad issues that need addressing – so it’s time to pack it in.
State test results for third- through eighth-grade public school students are out, and once again, New Yorkers will be disappointed because statewide more than half the kids flunked yet again, and they won’t improve until officials admit to their own failure.
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Even as his aides warn of a business climate at risk of faltering, President Donald Trump has been portraying the economy to the public as “phenomenal” as officials have scrambled to assemble a menu of actions Trump could take to avert a downturn.
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a forceful defense of the legislative filibuster, the Senate’s 60-vote threshold that Democratic lawmakers and presidential candidates have expressed a new willingness to abolish.