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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is facing a looming budget crisis – which does not include the cost of a sweeping $40 billion plan to modernize the aging subway system – that could lead to major fare increases or cuts to subway and bus service.
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Parents worry Amazon’s arrival in Long Island City will strain Queens schools that are already bursting, but also hope the company will bring students new opportunities for training and tech jobs.
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Amid criticisms about the deal that New York struck to lure half of Amazon’s HQ2 to Queens, Gov. Andrew Cuomo argued it’s an arrangement that only works in the state’s favor.
Cuomo also said that a single-payer health care system would be best devised on the federal level and questioned the financial viability of such a program on the state level.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is preparing to overhaul its long-term approach to one of its most intractable problems: the crumbling public housing buildings that more than 400,000 New Yorkers call home.
On Friday, state Senate Republicans are expected to meet in Albany to determine their leadership going into 2019 as they prepare to be in the minority and as current state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan faces a strong challenge from state Sen. Catharine Young.
New York City Education Department officials confirmed that the city’s embattled Office of Pupil Transportation, the Division of School Facilities, and the Office of Food and Nutrition Services will be evicted from their offices in the plan to bring Amazon to the city.
After a three-year wait, an anticipated Staten Island rezoning proposal was certified by the New York City Planning Commission on Tuesday to move into the public review process for the land use portion of the plan.
Police officers and other local law enforcement officials in New York are prohibited by law from arresting undocumented immigrants on behalf of federal authorities, a Brooklyn appeals court ruled Wednesday.
The New York City Council is reviewing its legal options to challenge the deal to bring Amazon to Queens, as a growing number of Democrats have voiced their opposition and Speaker Corey Johnson said he has “very significant problems” with how the deal was crafted.
Several politicians who signed a letter last year urging Amazon to come to New York City now oppose the deal as a giveaway, including state Sen. Michael Gianaris and New York City Councilmen Jumaane Williams and Jimmy Van Bramer.
Candidates seeking to become New York City’s next public advocate debated the powers and role of the office during a town hall meeting, with most agreeing it should be strengthened amid City Council talk of abolishing the position.
In his bid for lieutenant governor, Williams promised to return $35,000 in illegal corporate campaign contributions that he’d taken, but filings show he still has not returned $15,000 of those contributions.
The state attorney general’s office wants to reinstate a felony perjury count and two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct against Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove that were dismissed in June.
While thousands of New Yorkers stood for hours in long lines waiting for their chance to vote in last week’s election, the New York City Board of Elections had more than 1,000 functioning scanners that were kept out of circulation that could have helped alleviate wait times.
The New York City Council passed legislation to get struggling taxi drivers mental health and financial help just as the city announced the eighth for-hire vehicle driver suicide in the past year.
After years of being on the political sidelines, John Feal, a leading 9/11 health care advocate, said he was inspired by the midterm elections, and is considering a run for elected office.
A group of New York lawmakers are seeking support for a bill that would require all jails and prisons in the state to offer medication that has been proven to reduce deaths among individuals with opioid use disorder.
The New York City Council approved a massive new $60 million animal shelter in the Bronx, putting the city one step closer to having a full-service shelter in every borough.
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Amazon came to New York City, not for its public transportation or cost of living, it came because the city has the largest number of tech workers in the labor pool, which leaves one to wonder why the state is paying so much if it has what Amazon wants.
Had public funds brought the Amazon headquarters to economically depressed areas of upstate New York, such incentives might be justified, but paying one of the world’s richest companies to do what it likely would be doing anyway is dubious at best.
For the sake of more than 400,000 souls captive in New York City public housing, federal Judge William Pauley’s forceful ruling rejecting a consent decree between NYCHA and federal prosecutors demolishes a myth of mutual convenience.
A dozen or so candidates are off and running in the race to replace New York City Public Advocate Letitia James – that is, to assume the most useless office in city government at a cost of $3 million taxpayer dollars a year.
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The deal to bring Amazon to Long Island City, at a cost of nearly $3 billion in government incentives, has sparked outrage in many corners of New York City, particularly in Queens, and there may still be ways to stop it.
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If Atlantic Yards is a guide, Empire State Development, which will oversee the deal with Amazon to come to New York City, will be quite accommodating to the e-commerce giant, willing to revise agreements and evade transparency.
Democrats have dinged Amazon for its pay and labor practices, avoiding sales taxes, and for being a suspiciously large, arguably monopolistic player, yet the public doesn’t just like Amazon, they love the company.
Thanks to a strong collaboration between New York City Health + Hospitals management and District Council 37, the city’s public hospital system is running $150 million ahead ahead of projections for patient-generated revenue and is opening new health care facilities.
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The machine recount in Florida’s statewide races reached its deadline, with the U.S. Senate race appearing too close to call and poised to head to a manual recount, while Republicans looked to claim victory in the governor’s contest.
Rep. Nancy Pelosi asserted that she has enough support among her colleagues to become the next speaker of the House, as the first hint of opposition emerged from Rep. Marcia Fudge of Ohio, who said she is considering a run.
President Donald Trump threw his support behind a substantial revision of the nation’s prison and sentencing laws, opening a potential path to enacting the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in a generation.
A potential challenger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi emerged as her critics worked behind the scenes to try to deny Pelosi the votes to be the next speaker of the House, as Rep. Marcia Fudge of Ohio said she is considering seeking the position and signed a letter opposing Pelosi.