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Bartenders are among the many different workers not eligible for the $15 minimum wage in New York.

In recent months, New Yorkers were repeatedly reminded that the minimum wage was going up.

United States Representative Sean Patrick Maloney on Stage During Final Day of the Democratic National Convention

Everything has changed. The people could rise up and knock anybody out. No one is safe.

A police officers helps direct voters arriving to cast their ballots in the 2018 mid-term general election at a polling site in Brooklyn

In anticipation of voting in the April 19, 2016, presidential primary in New York, 


More than in many places across the country, New York makes it a top priority to provide an array of social services for its residents.

Donald Trump

Following the White House’s release of the transcript of a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ho

Inside a joint session at the U.S. Congress

With New York’s congressional primaries set for June 26, followed by the the general election on Nov.

This election season, underrepresented groups in politics are making waves on the campaign trail – from