Jerrold Nadler Hakeem Jeffries
The House Judiciary Committee chairman accuses AG of rollout aimed at helping Trump.
data privacy
New Yorkers currently have no effective control over their personal information after it is shared online
So much for including marijuana legalization into the budget.
Will the governor keep his win streak with prevailing wages, marijuana and charter schools?
Costa Constantinides
The City Council passing legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions, more, on Thursday
Mark Chambers, Director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.
A Q&A with Mark Chambers on congestion pricing, plastic bags and power generation
Better cell service in the subway may not be that far away.
Transit Wireless announced that it is launching a digital media business and will be offering new products and services to public places and transit systems, including the New York City subway.
Jumaane Williams during the second televised public advocate debate
The endorsement is a blow to Farah Louis, Williams’ former staffer.
The governor pushing on prevailing wages, marijuana and charter schools.
An MTA train conductor watches the platform as a train leaves the station.
A misguided bill would prevent subways from using automation to save money and improve service.
Julie Samuels, executive director of Tech:NYC.
Tech:NYC’s new PAC could signal an eagerness for New York’s growing tech sector to take its voice back.