Campaigns & Elections

Voters are generally asked to leave attire supporting a candidate on the ballot at home before they vote.
Candidate merchandise is a no-go, but other political apparel is allowed.
City & State analyzes this year's competitive state Senate races.
Will Democrats maintain and grow their majority?
New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca at a hearing.
The New York City Council Member wants to ride the progressive wave to Gracie Mansion.
Rep. Max Rose called is calling out challenger Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis.
NY Candidates in both parties have been the subject of misleading attacks.
Manhattan DAs
Progressive candidates are competing to be the leftest of them all.
The New York State Senate Chamber in Albany.
Companies, unions and charter school advocates are hoping to influence key races across the state.
Maya Wiley at her mayoral campaign announcement today.
The mayoral candidate is known to progressives who watch MSNBC or spend time on Twitter, but no one else yet.
Top: Screenshot from John Sanchez's platform; Bottom: Screenshot from Latchmi Gopal's platform
Latchmi Gopal even borrowed from one of her opponents.
Michelle Hinchey is hoping to turn the 46th state senate district blue this year.
The open seat in the Capital Region is up for grabs.
Each election year, the city Board of Elections fails in a new, previously unimaginable way.
The absentee ballot mixup in Brooklyn has renewed perennial calls to overhaul the BOE.