Campaigns & Elections

Sochie Nnaemeka with Jamaal Bowman and Jumaane Williams.
The four parties that failed to meet the state’s new requirements aren’t giving up without a fight.
Democratic Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright (left).
A Republican Manhattan doorman’s Cinderella story ends
Polling site at PS 375 Jackie Robinson School in Brooklyn on election day.
Despite fears of rioting, the state remained relatively calm.
New York has over two dozen congressional races to decide this year.
It was a bad night for Democrats in competitive races.
New York has no shortage of competitive and consequential state legislative races this year.
Will the Democrats secure a supermajority in the state Senate?
Republican congressional candidate Nicole Malliotakis voting early on October 26th.
Swing districts on Staten Island and Long Island will likely feature the most competitive races.
Over 2.5 million New York voters cast their ballots in person before Election Day.
Over 2.5 million New York voters cast their ballots in person before Election Day.
New Yorkers voting at  Park Slope Armory YMCA on October 27th.
Boards of election may be a target for bad actors, but it’s not so easy to hack the vote.
A little more than 1 million New Yorkers have successfully submitted an absentee ballot as of Oct. 27.
Official tallies won’t be finalized until at least December, but the outcomes of many races could become apparent as the absentee ballot count continues over the next several weeks.
Republican New York state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis on the campaign trail.
The Republican Assembly member’s “law and order” message resonates on Staten Island.