New York State

An empty New York State Senate chamber.
Landmark legislation in the months ahead could help New York recover from the pandemic.
What should you expect from Albany in 2021?
Will a Democratic supermajority and newly elected left-wing lawmakers shake up Albany?
The coronavirus revealed the cracks in New York's foundation.
Experts, advocates and lawmakers on the ambitious policies that could remake New York after the pandemic.
Governor Cuomo on July 1, 2020.
The governor’s former aide alleged harassment, which he denied.
President Donald Trump and Rep. Elise Stefanik.
New York members of Congress, including Lee Zeldin and Elise Stefanik, are among congressional Republicans in support of a Supreme Court case challenging the presidential election results.
Jonas Salk (above) developed the first vaccine for polio in the 1950s.
Inoculating people against COVID-19 could be like past efforts to stop smallpox, cholera, polio and measles.
Voters at Rockaway YMCA in Averne, Queens on October 26th.
Elections are a mess. Here are some ways to fix them.
Countless "I voted" stickers in a pile
The long, drawn-out absentee tally is a national embarrassment.
Voters lining up at West Side High School in Manhattan on October 21, 2020.
Will New York's dysfunctional voting system ever get an overhaul?
Western New York has been faring worse during the second wave.
And officials and experts aren’t sure why.