New York State

Governor Andrew Cuomo at Coronavirus briefing
It took six weeks to “bend the curve,” and New York would never be the same.
New York State map
Here’s what New York’s new congressional boundaries could look like.
Congressional New York Democrats have the power to change the map this redistricting.
Will the party defer to the Independent Redistricting Commission, or use its supermajorities to try to retain control of Congress?
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was fighting for his political life over the weekend.
Sexual harassment allegations by a second accuser means scandal will shadow the governor for months – if not longer.
New York State Senator Samra Brouk
Elected officials take on mental health crisis response, police residency requirements and qualified immunity after Daniel Prude decision.
NY State Senator Alessandra Biaggi
No matter what happens to the governor, state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi will likely play a big role.
A former staffer for Gov. Andrew Cuomo alleged Wednesday he sexually harassed and assaulted her.
Former staffer Lindsey Boylan said the governor acted inappropriately with her and kissed her against her will.
Gov. Cuomo on Feb. 19, 2021.
A proposal in Cuomo’s executive budget would make it harder for companies to share and sell user data but some say it only scratches the surface of privacy concerns.
The New York State Capitol building in Albany.
Some political countercurrents are helping Gov. Andrew Cuomo weather the nursing home political storm.
Assembly Speaker Heastie has been quiet during uproar around Cuomo's nursing home cover-up.
The Assembly speaker has been quiet as members of his conference seek to revoke the governor’s emergency powers.