New York State

The chances of legalizing recreational marijuana have never been better in New York.
Legislative leaders say it’s only a matter of time.
Gov. Cuomo on Feb. 15.
A new poll suggests the governor’s standing with voters did not suffer following the release of the AG’s report.
What is the actual likelihood of Cuomo facing impeachment?
It’s only happened once in New York history, and past governors have survived plenty of controversies.
The governor is facing political heat like never before.
Outrage continues to grow over the state’s handling of nursing home deaths.
Governor Cuomo at Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
Critics of Gov. Andrew Cuomo say new revelations raise as many questions as they answer.
Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang
A running list of who’s been diagnosed with COVID-19.
People walking in Times Square at night.
Activists say a new era of equal rights is beginning in New York.
A new year has already featured more than a few setbacks for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Political setbacks, a new president and expiring emergency powers present new challenges to the governor.
New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica on Jan.19.
His proposed state budget includes ideas big and small to help close a multibillion-dollar deficit.
President Biden and Governor Cuomo at the 9-11 memorial service at the World Trade Center in 2020.
No one thinks the governor harmed his relationship with the president, but some say he is avoiding hard budget choices.