Protesters urge New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Reopen New York during a rally at the New York state Capitol on May 1, 2020.
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Outrage over social distancing arrests could loosen restrictions on organizing protests.
Cows at a farm in Upstate New York.
New York State
The coronavirus has cut off a major part of the supply chain for New York farmers.
How do the rebellious northeast states compare to the 13 colonies?
New York State
Declaring independence like it’s 1776.
New York republicans are eager to win back the three seats Democrats flipped in 2018’s blue wave.
New York State
How each House race is shaping up – and how COVID-19 could turn everything upside-down.
Cuomo often shoots de Blasio down, and then implements the policy himself.
New York State
The governor has a tendency to dismiss the NYC mayor's suggestions, and then implement them himself.
Urban areas in central and western New York could have a big impact on downstate's reopening.
New York City
What happens in urban areas of central and western New York could have big implications for downstate.
New York legislators are proposing a variety of COVID-19 related bills.
New York State
Legislators across the state are proposing COVID-19 related bills.
Williamsburg Bridge in spring
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New Yorkers’ response to sunny weather could indicate how they will adhere to social distancing measures as time passes.
The New York City subway system will shut down between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. every night, beginning May 6.
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Rounding up the week’s political news
Governor Cuomo on April 29th
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COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are declining but the state needs more testing, supplies and federal funding to safely reopen.