Legalization advocates should make the affirmative case for legal access to marijuana and how that will enhance the lives of New Yorkers.
The affirmative case for the freedom to experiment with a relatively benign drug.
Is there enough time to legalize recreational marijuana?
Some advocates say the support is there, but time may be running out.
Person working on a laptop.
A new bill would require state contractors to use work-monitoring software. Some fear privacy risks.
The champion will have to defend her belt in another bout next month.
personal data illustration
The bill would allow individuals to request and receive access to personal information collected by government agencies and contractors.
Farah Louis.
Farah Louis’ election to the 45th District is the latest sign of Haitian-Americans’ political power.
Teacher sitting with high school students using tablets.
The lack of diversity in specialized high schools is caused by educational inequality, not a test that measures it.
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Bill de Blasio will be out of town a lot. Here’s what that will mean.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler.
Why House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler won’t stop pursuing the president.
The New York State Senate.
Everything you need to know, as the session's end grows nearer.