Congressional candidate Chele Farley.
The Gillibrand challenger is now running for Congress.
Last month, Citi pulled its e-bikes from New York City after a series of riders were injured by a braking malfunction on the vehicles.
The fight to over rent laws is ramping up in Albany as the deadline to renew them fast approaches.
Charter school proponents face resistance from teachers unions and many Democratic lawmakers who want to leave the charter school cap unchanged.
Can the governor raise the cap on charter schools in NYC?
Farah Louis.
Two candidates lead the pack in Tuesday’s special election in Brooklyn.
Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner, who died from being put in a chokehold by a police officer, holds a news conference after leaving court on May 9.
50-a is getting more attention than ever, but has a tough path to passage.
Tim Kennedy.
Kennedy and Magnarelli's bus camera bill made them last week's biggest winners.
3 World Trade Center Building with 4 World Trade Center in the background and 1 World Trade Center in the foreground.
Private-sector employment in Lower Manhattan has reached its highest level since the September 11th terrorist attacks.
A close up of the statue of justice
The 50 most powerful people in New York politics working in law.
Arya Stark and Alessandra Biaggi.
Which political figures in the state best embody the show’s major characters?