Scott Stringer
Progressives need to consolidate behind their only candidate with a chance of winning.
Kathryn Garcia with Andrew Yang on March 15.
Progressives may be turning towards because she is competent, but her ideology doesn’t always align with theirs.
A Free Palestine rally in Queens on May 22.
Until very recently, even staunch progressives unconditionally backed the Netanyahu government. Not any more.
Eric Adams riding the subway on May 18.
The Brooklyn borough president flip flops even more dramatically than Andrew Yang.
Andrew Yang at a press conference on May 11.
Progressives have been on a winning streak in New York City, but the mayoral race is shaping up differently.
Dianne Morales an excluded workers victory rally.
Candidates should seek (and share) “top five” endorsements to make the most of New York’s new ranked-choice elections
Mayoral candidates Dianne Morales and Maya Wiley.
The two remaining options are Maya Wiley and Dianne Morales, but each may have limited appeal.
A December 2019 protest against weakening gun laws held outside the Supreme Court.
Trump appointees threaten strict licensing requirements for carrying firearms.
New York City should harness underutilized space for affordable housing.
New York City should retrofit stores, offices and hotels to address the housing shortage.
View to the Grand Central Terminal and the Met Life Building from Park Avenue
Rich New Yorkers and their employers won’t leave overnight, but future long-term growth could still suffer.