Niagara County is asking: Did the Legislature violate the state constitution by delegating too much of its lawmaking authority to the commission?
Public Campaign Financing Commission stretches the limits of representative democracy.
Barclays Center in Brooklyn opened in September, 2012.
The mayor showed solicitousness toward fellow moguls above all.
Bloomberg and de Blasio in November, 2015.
His constant chiding of the former mayor sure makes Hizzoner look like a green-eyed monster.
Robert Moses State Park.
Robert Moses State Park already has the perfect name for a notoriously segregated region.
New York Police Department officers patrolling the city's subway system.
The $249 million Gov. Andrew Cuomo has found for 500 more police officers should instead be used to make Metrocards affordable.
New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo
If the Public Campaign Finance Commission doesn’t lower its preliminary new donation cap, public financing will be undermined.
Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.
New Yorkers have the opportunity to call out high-profile dirtbags in person.
New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera.
The Public Administrator’s office is part of political patronage in the judicial system.
Former New York Assemblyman Keith Wright at a legislative budget hearing on the environment in Albany, 2015.
The county party’s decentralized power structure makes it possible.
Waterfront apartments in Williamsburg, seen from the East River.
If a lawsuit against Marin County, California succeeds in the Supreme Court, the New York policy could be vulnerable.