NYC’s former census czar Julie Menin.
Julie Menin shared her frustrations with the state’s census efforts.
Eric Adams on April 26
The Brooklyn borough president discusses some of the biggest controversies during his political tenure and why he’s not actually as shocking as some may think.
Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan at his Earth Day Press Conference
The Ulster County executive discusses how “locality” is the differentiator in his plan for the environment and how local governments can confront climate change.
Jay-Z has endorsed Ray McGuire.
As usual, New York’s rich and famous have opinions.
Eric Dinowitz
The leading candidate in District 11 talks political dynasties, upzoning and a cappella.
Maya Wiley
$1,400 isn’t much compared to New York City’s public matching funds, but it’s a lot more fun to spend.
Del. Stacey Plaskett
The star of Trump’s second impeachment trial talks about her Brooklyn roots and work in the Bronx district attorney’s office.
Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul
With the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo, New Yorkers are Googling his second in command.
Tesla billionaire Elon Musk
The tech billionaire has so much more to offer than electric garbage trucks. Like tiny submarines and dubious investment advice.
Meisha Porter, the next Chancellor of New York City public schools.
Meisha Porter is a longtime educator in New York City’s public school system.