Gov. Cuomo in Syracuse on March 9.
Even a weakened governor still has a lot of power in the executive-oriented budget process.
New York could receive $23.3 billion in federal aid through President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.
New York state and local governments would get a total of $23.3 billion in federal assistance under draft COVID-19 relief package.
Governor Cuomo with State Budget Director Robert Mujica.
Here are the highlights from the spending plan unveiled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday.
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Legislators, advocates and the Cuomo administration are girding for a multi-front tilt in the weeks before the governor has to present his budget in January.
Senator Chuck Schumer
GOP-led Senate would likely mean less COVID-19 relief funding.
Mayor Bill de Blasio in Sunset Park with Test and Trace Corps on August 18th.
De Blasio says long-term borrowing and union concessions are needed, but some experts and elected officials think there are other options.
Syracuse is one of the top three cities that could see the worst declines in revenue during the Coronavirus.
Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse are likely to face some of the worst revenue shortfalls among major cities in the country.
Some state lawmakers are looking for something green to help solve the budget gap.
Legalizing recreational marijuana is unlikely this year, and wouldn’t provide immediate fiscal relief.
Governor Cumo in Irondquoit on May 11, 2020.
The details are slim, but the state has options as it waits on the feds.
Governor Cuomo in Albany on April 2nd.
To protect New York’s access to federal aid, those cuts could be delayed.