New York City and State are on their way to achieving contracting goals for minority-and owned business enterprises.
New York has sought to award more government contracts to firms owned by women or minorities.
Business woman.
City officials hope that a new law will get more contracts to minority- and women-owned businesses.
Rainbow shirts on a hanger.
Lawmakers are pushing to get more contracts to LGBT-owned businesses.
Lawmakers made it easier to give contracts to businesses owned by women and minorities. Will it work?
A father and son.
People of color disproportionately face allegations of child neglect, a new bill might help in some ways but not others.
A judges gavel next to weed
Minority businesses were neglected in the rollout of medical marijuana.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a historic victory and became the youngest woman to ever have been elected to Congress.
More females were elected to the state Legislature, but there will be one fewer in the state’s House delegation.
City and state officials weigh in on efforts to award contracts to firms owned by women or minorities.
A new California law aimed at increasing diversity could be a model for New York.
Governor Cuomo Attends the Fourth Annual MWBE Forum
After a lackluster year, the rate of contracting for minority- and women-owned businesses is rising in New York.