Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that the state would keep schools closed for the rest of the academic year.
Cuomo finally gets behind de Blasio’s plan to keep schools shuttered.
COVID-19 has placed the future of public school funding solely in the hands of the governor.
Deep cuts to schools could happen unless billions in new federal stimulus funding comes through.
Governor Cuomo during a coronavirus update on April 1st.
New York State budget deal may cause NYC, other districts to tighten their belts
Governor Cuomo at a charter school rally in 2014.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to back charters, but he’s unlikely to flex his influence in the state Legislature.
Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza on Monday, March 16.
With the help of Apple, T-Mobile, Charter and more, city schools are going virtual, but some say the transition is too little, too late.
Shelley Mayer, chair of the state Senate Committee on Education
Lawmakers are aiming to block some of the governor’s education proposals as talks get underway to pass a budget by the end of the week.
State Budget Director Robert Mujica
State Budget Director Robert Mujica explains big plans to change state education spending.
Lawmakers are questioning the Specialized High School Admissions Test required to get into schools like Bronx Science.
How Democrats will decide kids’ futures in 2020.
Democratic lawmakers are now taking steps to get themselves in a position to prevail in this decadelong education funding fight once and for all.
Lawmakers have a chance to beat Cuomo in a decadelong school aid fight.
Interior of a classroom.
A contentious, complicated and perennial issue in state politics, explained.