School lunch.
The options may not be inherently healthier, but are part of a more nutritious program.
John Liu.
Lawmaker says de Blasio push to scrap SHSAT would cause ‘years and years of strife.’
Students in a classroom
Making changes to NYC’s elite high school admission test.
Charter school proponents face resistance from teachers unions and many Democratic lawmakers who want to leave the charter school cap unchanged.
Can the governor raise the cap on charter schools in NYC?
Wanted: a charter school champion.
NYC's charter school movement lacks the firepower it once had.
New York City Council member Mark Treyger.
The New York City Council Education Committee chairman weighs in.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo discussing the Excelsior Scholarship in 2017.
Revisiting the governor’s Excelsior Scholarship and the state of student debt in New York.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Cuomo blames the school districts. Lawmakers blame Cuomo.
Parents, educators, and integration advocates gathered in Harlem for a town hall organized by Mayor Bill de Blasio's School Diversity Advisory Group in June.
An NYC task force released a new school diversity report. Here are 4 questions we’re asking about the city’s plans.
New York Board of Regents meets at its February 2019 meeting to discuss students taking alternative assessments.
With more pathways to a high school diploma, New York education officials wonder about student success after graduation.