New York City Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza and Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Explaining the mayor’s proposed change and why it triggered some strong opposition.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio makes an education announcement about test-based admissions in to specialized high schools at J.H.S. 292 in Brooklyn.
The New York City mayor outlines more aggressive efforts to unravel segregation throughout the city’s school system.
Bubble test
The popular legislation would decouple student test scores from teacher ratings.
Teacher addressing students in a high school classroom
Advocates say more should be done in the #MeToo era.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces the second round of New York State Community Schools Initiative funding in 2014.
Cuomo is making districts report how they distribute aid to schools. Education experts say it's a distraction.
DACA protest
If it doesn't stay in the state budget, it may depend on Simcha Felder.
Bill de Blasio prekindergarten
De Blasio's expansion needs funding, and is heading into uncharted waters.
Richard Carranza
Meet de Blasio's new New York City schools chancellor
Bill de Blasio post Carvalho
Recapping the contenders as the search for a NYC education chancellor continues