Energy & Environment

Screens in Times Square went black during a power outage in New York City on Saturday.
Here’s what removing Con Edison from New York might look like.
School water fountain
Advocates are hoping to change acceptable lead thresholds before schools test their drinking water again in 2020.
A wind farm in upstate New York.
The state just passed its most ambitious climate targets yet, but history suggests they won’t be easy to hit.
Students protesting during the New York City march for action on climate change in March.
Six ways the Climate and Community Protection Act has changed during negotiations.
Destroyed houses on Rockaway beach, four months after Hurricane Sandy hit New York.
Despite apparent overwhelming support from lawmakers, the Climate and Community Protection Act may not pass in this session.
Traffic lights in New York surrounded by steam.
Time is running out for Democratic lawmakers’ ambitious environmental agenda.
A coal miner holds lumps of coal.
Labor groups warn of pension fund losses, but not every union agrees.
New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams spoke out at a protest to stop the construction of the Williams natural gas pipeline on April 18, 2019.
The controversial project gives him a chance to keep the political left happy.
Protestors gathered in the state Capitol two years ago to advocate for the CCPA, which remains stalled in the Legislature.
The Climate and Community Protection Act would set ambitious emissions goals.
A New York wind farm.
Lawmakers target big climate goals in the Climate and Community Protection Act.