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Thrive NYC
The outgoing mayor’s signature initiative was much-criticized, and the pandemic has exacerbated psychiatric problems.
Ossining, NY- Pop-Up Vaccination site
The answer depends on a number of factors.
New Yorkers masked riding the subway.
Public health experts and epidemiologists are concerned that doing so could lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.
New Yorkers at a bar in Brooklyn on April 17, 2021.
It all depends on how well the city can adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.
Incarcerated people are finally getting vaccinated in New York.
After winning a lawsuit against Cuomo and navigating the J&J pause, incarcerated people are finally getting vaccinated.
New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera
A successful single-payer system would give employees of small businesses more access to health care.
New York is ahead of other large states when it comes to the number of vaccinated people per 100,000 residents.
New York has used the convenient one-shot vaccine for homebound seniors and public housing residents.
Excelsior pass
New York’s Excelsior Pass can’t be equitable until vaccinations are equitable, some advocates say.
The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
Overcoming hesitancy among residents and getting them to vaccination sites pose challenges.
Outdoor dining in NYC
More transmissible COVID-19 variants are rapidly spreading, yet restrictions are being loosened.