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President Donald Trump, with Abbott’s ID NOW rapid COVID-19 tests.
What we know about the 400,000 15-minute tests New York is sending to schools, hospitals and local governments.
A coronavirus vaccine will likely receive emergency approval from the federal government sometime in the next month or two.
Here is what we know about the state plans for a coronavirus vaccine
Governor Cuomo during a coronavirus update in Albany on October 6th.
Despite objections, new orders may avoid one freedom of religion issue that plagued earlier restrictions on such gatherings.
Coronavirus cases are spiking in the Jewish Orthodox communities in New York City.
Public health experts said it should rely on trusted community leaders and avoid shaming to combat coronavirus misinformation.
A NYC student getting her temperature checked as she walks into school on September 29th.
Why placing restrictions on specific neighborhoods and zip codes isn’t enough.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, Executive Director of the Test & Trace Corps Dr. Ted Long, and Chief Equity Officer of the Test & Trace Corps Annabel Palma in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
New York City’s contact tracing program’s lack of Yiddish-speakers is just a symptom of the program’s larger issues.
Council Member Ritchie Torres has opened up about his struggles with mental health.
Corey Johnson cited depression in deciding not to run for mayor. His frankness reflects a shift.
New York State Senator David Carlucci in July this year.
Continued investment and flexibility will be important despite city and state budgetary constraints.
Will workers who contracted COVID-19 on the job receive disability benefits the 9/11 first responders do.
The state may expand disability benefits and workers compensation to those still suffering from COVID-19.
Protestors in Rochester on September 5th following the death of Daniel Prude at the hands of the Rochester Police Department.
The death of Daniel Prude in Rochester has prompted calls to reimagine mental health crisis response.