Health Care

A medical technician prepares a COVID-19 test at a New York State Department of Health drive-through testing facility at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island.
The state is prioritizing testing for COVID-19, but New York City wants to save scarce resources for treating the sick.
Andrew Cuomo Corey Johnson
Responding to the governor’s criticism of people gathering in parks, council members offer solutions.
A sign on the door of a synagogue in Midwood, Brooklyn.
Hasidic communities are changing practices to slow the coronavirus pandemic, but have been late adopters.
Governor Cuomo announcing an agreement on a paid sick leave bill.
On top of possible restrictions on changing Medicaid, the governor could face reduced tax revenues due to the coronavirus.
An empty subway underground passage on Monday. Many New Yorkers can make the choice to stay home, homeless New Yorkers cannot.
A struggle to pay for resources and staff hampers New York City’s ability to help the homeless.
Governor Cuomo issued an executive order allowing the state to increase hospital capacity on Monday.
The governor said the outbreak could peak in 45 days.
Eric Kinariwala
First Read Tech talks to the CEO of Capsule, Eric Kinariwala.
Governor Cuomo delivers an update on coronavirus in New York State on March 12th.
Cuomo has plans to boost testing capacity as cases exceed 300.
Governor Cuomo and Nassau County Executive Laura Curran bump elbows instead of shaking hans at the coronavirus briefing on March 5th.
The outbreak has drawn attention to income inequality and health care access.
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signing coronavirus legislation on March 3rd.
The governor has rallied state government, lawmakers and the media to his cause.