Health Care

If the coronavirus is airborne, reopening certain businesses such as nail, hair and tanning salons and tattoo shops – all of which are included in Phase Three – may not be as safe as previously thought.
With new data available regarding COVID-19’s transmissibility, the state would be wise to rethink some of the industries it’s allowing to reopen.
Governor Cuomo at Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
Nursing home deaths from COVID-19 are more complicated than the state Department of Health report explains.
The line for a COVID-19 testing site in April.
One month in, New York City Health + Hospitals is finding its footing.
AIDS rally NYC
Survivors of the HIV/AIDS crisis see similarities in the fears and stigma of the current health crisis.
Governor Andrew Cuomo holds daily briefing and opens the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Path on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge on June 15, 2020.
Previous disasters have inspired policy and structural change.
A crowded Madison Square Park on Memorial Day this year.
The state’s reopening, warmer weather and protests could all contribute to an uptick in coronavirus cases.
First Lady Chirlane McGray meets with then-New York City Police Department Commissioner James O'Neill and then-Deputy Commissioner of Collaborative Policing in the NYPD Susan Herman at Safe Horizon, discussing how to help victims of crime and violence hea
The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a mental health crisis, and recent turmoil amid protests against police brutality may make it more acute.
Rockaway beach
Are beaches the next battleground between New York City and the state?
Funeral workers and hospital staff retrieve deceased bodies for burial amid COVID-19 pandemic at Brooklyn Hospital Center.
Here’s why bodies have piled up in bags on trucks during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Some doctors have switched from giving their patients intravenous chemotherapy to oral chemotherapy medication so they can receive their treatment at home, but this doesn't work for all patients.
Everything from cancer treatments to organ transplants have been put off due to the pandemic.