Luxury apartment buildings on the edge of New York City's Central Park.
You’d think assessing New York City’s condos and coops like other homes would be a simple fix. Here’s why it isn’t.
Brownstones near Prospect Park.
City & State compiled a list of key terms.
Old NYC apartment building
Attention now turns to Cuomo days before state rent laws expire.
Tenant advocates in Albany make a last-ditch effort to pass rent regulation reforms.
The policy debate raging between landlords and tenant advocates.
NYC Apartments
A progressive push to extend and expand tenant protections hinges on Cuomo, upstate lawmakers and beating the clock.
The fight to over rent laws is ramping up in Albany as the deadline to renew them fast approaches.
New York City apartment buildings.
Nearly all the components are in place, but there still might be a battle
Tenant advocates hope to land one-two punch against real estate interests.
New York City tenant advocates are hopeful that the Democrats will go to bat for renters.
What’s on the table in next year’s rent regulation debate.
new york housing
Some types of housing pop up in unexpected places, according to new Community Service Society maps.