On Saturday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sent the federal agency a letter asking that it discontinue the practice of masquerading as NYPD officers,
Their own training manual says they shouldn't do it.
Left out of federal aid, undocumented immigrants have not gotten any aid from New York state.
Facing massive budget shortfalls, the state hasn’t stepped in to give cash to people left out of federal relief.
President Trump during the coronavirus update briefing on April 27th.
Trump repeatedly turns to immigration policies as bargaining chips with New York.
New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca.
In the last two censuses the federal government provided a waiver, but Donald Trump wasn’t in the White House then.
The Statue of Liberty.
Immigrants in New York are more likely to qualify for federal programs such as Medicaid.
A protest march calling on the government to abolish ICE in New York City, 2018.
Cuomo and de Blasio vowed to combat coming immigration roundups. Here’s what they can and can’t do.
A protest at Trump International Hotel condemning the separation of migrant children from their families on June 14.
As the federal government takes a hard-line stance, the Empire State opens its doors.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing guaranteed health care for New Yorkers in May.
How New York City is ensuring undocumented immigrants get health care.
Sen. Luis R. Sepulveda (center) celebrates after the Green Light Bill granting was passed by the state Senate.
State lawmakers passed a backlog of high-profile bills this year.
A person takes a test to obtain a driver's license.
Lawmakers are pushing for the controversial bill – here’s how it deals with the sticking points.